8 things I wish I knew before going to Canada

8 things I wish I knew before going to Canada

I love to travel, explore new cultures, new places, new cuisines and the rush of excitement of meeting new people and visiting new lands. The rush of seeing and experiencing something new for the first time is a very rewarding one for me. So, one should always have a thorough, well-researched travel itinerary, browse travel websites, read travel blogs and so on and yet keep it flexible enough to accommodate small issues and contingencies.

In as much these things keep you from the regret of saying that these were things I wish I knew before going to some place. Well, on one such exciting adventure that I had been really looking forward to, I went to Canada, and well… despite my whole mantra and travel style, this is a list of things I wish I knew before going to Canada; had I known it would have made my trip much smoother.

The true encounter with metric system

We in the US, do everything in our own way! The whole world measures in kilograms and meters, but no we have to follow pounds, miles, and inches. Well, you will pay for it in Canada when asking for or reading distances or shopping in markets especially where a scale is involved. A conversion app on the phone would have done the trick, had I known.

Hotel de Glace

We all heard about Quebec but what most people don’t know is that Hotel de Glace melts and is reconstructed every year. I for one would be seriously disappointed if I visited Canada and was not able to see a hotel made out of ice and snow.

US Dollars almost work

I wish I had known that for travelers interested in Canadian countryside and remote beautiful landscape, US dollars would not do the trick. It is not a good feeling to be in contact with Nature’s best, without basic provisions, just because you did not exchange money!

Canadian health Insurance is for citizens only

Health insurance is for its citizens only! Most travelers feel their home insurance is good enough, but they soon find that is big No! It is safer to fill up your prescriptions before traveling and preferably buy traveler’s health care.


It is not a good idea to get fines when traveling abroad. Most people don’t know, smoking is illegal in public and shared areas. For tourists, the only available and allowed option is the great outdoors.

Drinking age is no longer 21!

What is a good vacation without fine drinking and dining? Depending on the provinces you are visiting in Canada, the legal age is 18 or 19.

Be ready to pay more than expected

There are multiple levels of taxes, so most tourists succumb to spending way outside the realm of the allocated budget. So, after ordering a huge meal, be prepared to pay way more than advertised on the menu.

You have not seen Canada if…

Of course, the Niagara Falls! It is mesmerizing, to say the least.