Find out how long it will take to get a visa to India

Find out how long it will take to get a visa to India

Visiting India is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. From the Brahmaputra River to the frozen lakes of the Himalayas you will find breathtaking landscapes, exotic wildlife parks, and beautiful cities.

So, what do you need to visit? A good place to start is by getting a Visa. To enter India, you will need a valid passport and a valid Indian visa. They type of visa required depends on your purpose for visiting the country.

Requirements for obtaining an Indian visa

People seeking to enter India for tourist purposes and plan to stay 60 days or less may apply for an electronic travel authorization four days prior to their arrival. This can be done in lieu of a tourist visa which must be obtained at an Indian embassy or consulate.

To apply for a visa every traveler must have an original passport and a photocopy of the passport information and signature page. It must have at a minimum of two blank passport pages available for India visa stamps.

Indian visas are usually issued for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years. The application fee will depend on the length of the number of months requested for your stay.

When obtaining a tourist visa you will not be allowed to receive an extension of your stay.

Application process

The application form is maintained by the Indian Government and can be found online at the Cox & Kings Global Services website (CKGS). Here you will be guided through the entire visa application process. The form is quite detailed and lengthy, however, fields requiring duplicate information will auto-populate.

The validity of the tourist visa begins from the date the visa is issued, not the date you enter the country and it is important to carry a copy of your documents and your itinerary to show the immigration officer.

Once completed, you can track the progress of your application on this same website. Once you have answered the questions on the application you will verify the details on the final page.

Review the checklist carefully to be sure all fields have been entered correctly. It is important to review each question on this page and make necessary corrections. You will not be able to make changes once this form has been submitted. If changes are necessary you will have to begin the process again.

After submitting this portion of the application print and sign the form. Ensure that barcode is printed clearly at the bottom of the first page of the application and that your signature is on both pages.

The website will then refer you to the Government of India website where you will complete the Online Visa form using the above documents before returning to the original website for appointment and payment.

The website will prompt you to choose your mode of submission. You can choose to have it shipped or walk-in. If you select walk-in you will continue online to complete the appointment process.

Processing of your application will begin once your physical application has been received by the CKGS application center. Once you receive the visa you are ready to begin your vacation. Pack your bags and head to the airport. India’s cuisine, culture, and beauty await your arrival.