Just what is an ETA visa for Cambodia?

Just what is an ETA visa for Cambodia

Work has been part of everyone’s life. From the urgencies of work to the tiring traffic, it makes life more difficult. Why not schedule a vacation leave and experience the temple ruins in Cambodia. However, make sure to secure important documents especially just what is an ETA visa for Cambodia.

Like most countries, a tourist visa is a necessity in order to go to Cambodia. The easiest way is to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). This is an online form the helps everyone in processing their visa easier and faster. You can get it at this site, https://www.evisa.gov.kh/. Since this is online, you might think you might get scammed. However, you are secured here since this is under the Cambodian government. The best thing is, ETA has been used by most travelers globally. Just take a time to review and surely you find a reliable process.

After clicking the given site, fill out the application form. You just have to be extra careful with filling it out especially the passport details. After that, you can now pay for it through visa or Mastercard. This will only cost US$37. Before clicking the approve sign, you have to make sure of your schedule because the payment is not refundable. You have to wait for only three to 14 working days and soon you will receive an approval letter. This is valid for three months. That is why securing early is not a problem.

In applying for it, keep in mind that your passport should be at least six months valid. Aside from this, a digital recent passport sized photo is also needed. For a single entry, from the date of your arrival, electronic Tourist visa provides up to 30 days stay. Just what is a visa for Cambodia can do? Aside from convenient and faster approval, you can instantly print for the requirements before your expected arrival in Cambodia. It is important to print for two copies. This will make you feel secure and confident in going to the immigration. In here, your visa will be stamped.

Remember that ETA visa is not valid at all entry points in Cambodia. Among the entry points that only accept ETA are; Siem Reap (REP) International Airport, Phnom Penh (PNH) International Airport, the borders crossing across Thailand, and the border crossing Vietnam.

In just what is an ETA visa for Cambodia, you can now apply for it easily. After all, the attractions of Cambodia are to see.