What I learned by visiting Australia?

What I learned by visiting Australia

I was recently invited by my best college friend to pay him a one month visit to Australia and what a trip it was! I have long since flew back to my country, but my mind is full of vivid memories while my diary is full of lessons I learned during my visit to the World Under.

My foray began earnest at the airport, with a lady who stamped our passport excitedly telling all those who had come to the country for their first time they were visiting the “best country on the Planet!”.

I visited many places but what really thrilled me was that every time I talked to anybody, I confirmed my preconceived stereotype that Australians are among the most amiable people in the world. The following are some of what I learned by visiting Australia.

Wi-Fi Doesn’t Come Cheap

Australia is the first country I visited in many months where Wifi with your hotel stays is not complimentary. The average fee is about $25 AUD per night, and I found this outrageous. Though I travelled a lot with my friend, staying in different hotels, I had to stick to my phone data plans so as to stay connected.

Utes Are Found Everywhere

Before making the trip, I had learned a lot about Australia, and had some rough idea what Utes are. But what surprised me was that they were everywhere!I am not certain why car-meets-pickup truck is not found in other parts of the world, but I learned that it’s quite practical and some ideal size for driving. And when you think you’re going to see only one Ute, you get to see two!

Winter Might Be The Best Time To Visit Australia

Next time you plan to visit Australia and your plans falls in winter, don’t shudder to think you’re going to have a bad experience. As it turned out, I was in Australia during winter, and discovered that the weather is just ideal for touring the cities. I even saw some excited sunbathers on many of its beaches! Hotel prices are also low at this time, and the crowds thin. It’s a perfect budget for some visitors like me!

Lemonade Really is Lemon Lime Soda

When you’re searching for real lemonade to quench your thirst while in Australia, you should go for a Lemon Crush. Why? Cans that are labeled lemonade actually are lemon-lime, same as 7 Up and Sprite.

Cuddly Koalas

I had read about the Koalas and I found them just as cuddly as they look in postcards. Petting a koala was among my best experience while I was visiting Australia. This is a big lesson from me to you: When you’re looking for an exciting animal experience, just head to Maru Koala and Animal Park, right outside of the Phillip Island. You’re not only going to have a chance to pet these pretty animals, but you can also hand feed wallabies and kangaroos, and see even a Tasmanian Devil!