Why You need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Why You need a visa to go to Sri Lanka

Are you planning to visit Sri Lanka during your next vacation? Do you know the requirements of obtaining a visa in Sri Lanka? If your answer to the following questions is yes, then this article is designed specifically for you. Foreigners are required to have a visa for them to be granted entry in Sri Lanka.

They are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization to allow them to have a short stay in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan visa regulates the period of stay into the country. This article will take you through the process of applying for a Sri Lanka Visa Online that you need to know.

Types of Sri Lankan Visas for foreigners

There are 4 types of visas that grant you entry or stay in Sri Lanka as discussed below:

Visit visa

This is a permit that gives you consent of the Sri Lankan government to get admitted into the country. It provides details about the duration and condition of your stay in the country. The visit visas are generally categorized into two, namely.

Tourist Visa

These are meant for tourists who enter the country for excursions, yoga training, sightseeing or visiting relatives for a short duration.

Business Visas

These are for foreigners who have visited the country on a business mission.

Transit visa

It is offered to foreigners who are admitted to Sri Lanka for a short duration of time waiting to reach another destination.

Gratis visa

Members of the diplomatic community will not be required to pay any fees to obtain their visa.

Residence visa

This is a permit from the Sri Lankan government that gives foreigners to get residential facilities due to special reasons.

They are generally subdivided into eight sub-categories namely:

  • Employment category
    It grants residence to professionals who are employed in projects, volunteers, non-governmental organization workers.
  • Investor category
    It is meant for business people who want to invest in Sri Lanka.
  • Religious category
    It grants permission to the clergy members.
  • Student category
    It gives permission to students who intend to pursue educational opportunities in Sri Lanka.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Sri Lankan Visa?

The immigration department of Sri Lanka may give you a visa if you meet the following requirements:

  • If the purpose of entering Sri Lanka is approved
  • If they are satisfied that you are eligible to enter Sri Lanka
  • You possess a Valid passport during your six month tenure in the country
  • If the immigration is satisfied that you have enough funds to sustain you during your stay in the country.

This article answer the question “Do you need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?” that many foreigners have been asking over the recent past.