Top 10 foods to try in India

Top 10 foods to try in India

India is a country of diversity. People from different regions have the different flavor for food. Let us explore some delicious foods to try in India.

North Indian main food

North Indian foods are famous for rich spicy gravies.

Butter Chicken

One of the most popular dishes to try in North India is Butter Chicken, a dish of chicken chunks cooked in spiced gravy. This is treated as main food and goes best with Chapatti (handmade flat bread) or rice.

Kadhi chawal

Another dish to try in North Indian Food category is Kadhi chawal, a dish of onion fritters cooked in yogurt and gram flour curry served with chawal (steamed rice).

Kolkata, the city of Joy delicacies

Kolkata, a city located in the eastern part of India is famous for its heritage, culture, and food.


The one and only popular sweet dish to try in the city is Rasgulla, a small round-shaped dumplings dipped in sugar syrup.

Bhetki macher paturi

Bhetki macher paturi or Barramundi steamed fish is another popular food to try in this city. Marinated fish cooked in banana leaf, this dish can be tasted like this or with rice.

The western part of India

Desert delicacies – Rajasthan, a desert region located in the western part of India has also a wide range of delicious foods to try.

Gatte ki sabji

The most popular one is Gatte ki sabji, a traditional vegetarian dish of gatte (gram flour dumplings) cooked in spicy curd gravy.

South Indian specialties

South India is famous for foods prepared with spice, curry leaves, and coconut oil.

Nawabi food

Some of the places in south India are famous for their Nawabi food. The best of those types is Hyderabadi Biryani ( a rice based dish cooked with spices and chicken or mutton). This is a famous food not only popular in a southern city Hyderabad but all over India.

Some mouth-watering street food to try in India

Gol Gappe

Gol Gappe or phuchka or masala puri , different names for one snack is a crispy snack served with potato mix and sour water. This snack is available in most of the states in India and the all-time favorite for all the Indians.

Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji, a dish of bread and cooked vegetables is again a mouth-watering food to try in India.


Samosa, a triangle shaped fried item is a popular snack which can tasted with hot tea.


Pakora, fried snack item with gram flour can be of different types, for example, potato pakora, onion pakora, bread pakora etc. This delicacy is served with mint or coriander chutney.

There are many more delicious foods to try in India, but one must not skip the ten food items mentioned above in order to get the taste of Indian spices and Indian culture.