Touring Cambodia for the first time

Touring Cambodia for the first time

Cambodia poses a significant tourist attraction sites and travel destination for both visitors and locals in the greater Asian continent. If it is your first time visiting or if you are planning to visit this Southeast Asian country, then pack your bags right and dress for the weather as we are going to give you a short guide for first time travelers to Cambodia. Below you will find a detailed report of where to visit, places to stay and what to do in Cambodia.

What should you know before leaving your home?

  • First and foremost, know how long you are likely to stay in the foreign country. This will help identify how heavy your luggage will weigh.
  • Second and most important, know the best season to make a visit. Cambodia experiences torrential rains from the late dates of May to the early dates of October. So the perfect time for a visit should be in November and December.
  • Book hotel rooms early enough. Before leaving, make sure you have got reservations at some of the safest hotel rooms you can ever want. As the country receives many tourists, you are likely to find all rooms unavailable at specific times of the year. Bookings and reservations can be done online in a matter of seconds.
  • Carry enough cash. If in any case there happens to be an emergency situation, you will be well covered for the next choice of action.

On arrival, make sure to do the following three routines

  • Have a tour guide present. For they know the country better, it is wise to have a tour guide to help identify where to go and the way to reach your destination. If you do not have a tour guide, have a clear map of the direction you follow.
  • Ensure you are safe. Keep your belonging together to avoid messy situations.
  • Safeguard your diet to prevent cases of food poisoning.

Which are some of the best places/points of interest to visit in Cambodia?

There are five key tourist attraction sites you should visit in Cambodia:

  1. The temple of Angkor.
  2. The floating villages in Tonle Sap.
  3. The Ta Phrom Temple
  4. The Elephant Conservation site in ELIE in Mondulkiri and.
  5. The Tuol Sleng museum.

Places you will find excellent accommodation and friendly locals include

It is in Cambodia where you will find great hotels offering local cuisines at affordable prices. The many hotels in and around the city vary between 5 to 30 US Dollars a night.

Some good hotels include the following. Is a list of some hotels with relatively cheaper fees and excellent services:

  1. The Kabiki Hotel
  2. Prasats Boutique hotel
  3. Golden Temple Hotel and
  4. Verandah Natural Resort (This is a beach hotel close to the sea

Local flights in Cambodia are cheap. So make sure to visit the country for more spectacular scenes.